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Durager-620UV-FV 2
 The Durafos DURAGER 620UH-FV is an UV-LED Flatbed Printer which offers you the opportunity  to print on various materials without pretreatment. Printing on wood, stone, plastic, aluminum, metal, PVC, polycarbonate, leather, acrylic, ceramic, ABS, AS and even glass is no problem.  The Advantage of the direct print method is obvious, it´s no longer necessary to use a Primer or to print one color at once. The result is a fast print in highest quality, regardless which surface or color the substrate has.

The Durafos DURAGER Printer are built with highest production standards, and offer best results in a long lifespan. With their innovative height detection system the printing head is atomatically adjusted to the materials height. The DURAGER 620 UH-FV ist the premium model of the series and can print on substrates up to 14 cm high. With the use of UV-LED printers with Durafos UV Inks you achieve vibrant living colors with high durability. The Rotary system (optional) enables the printer to print on curved materials like plastic bottles, candles or the like.

And the software is aswell fitted to your needs: The easy-to-use WhiteRip software from EV Network comes with an intuitive User Interface and is best suited for operating a single printer. It supports all currently used grafic formats like JPG, TIFF, BMP, PSD and many others. If you want to use a network of DURAGER printers or you want to integrate you DURAGER printer into an existing network with printers from other manufacturers, CADLinks Digital Factory V3 is the program of choice. The Digital Factory workflow offers best connectivity and flexibility with and easy-to-use Interface and multiple printer support. In fully automatic mode the software is perfect for Print Contractors, in manual mode it can handle special print jobs and small number of copies.

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  • ideal solution for graphic- and gift shops or for souvenirs and engraving
  • Print on USB-Sticks, Signs, mobile phones, phone cases, key chains, necklaces etc
  • print on various materials like:
    • wood
    • stone
    • plastics
    • metal
    • PVC
    • aluminium
    • polycarbonate
    • leather
    • ceramic
    • acrylic
    • ABS
    • AS
    • glass

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  • best printing quality
  • high resolution – up to 5760dpi
  • unbelivable embossing effect
  • precise and automatic height detection system
  • easy-to-use and easy to maintain
  • best price with best quality by using Durafos UV Inks

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Printing technology Micro Piezo Print Head
Acceptable media Width and length A3+ 330mm x 700mm (13′ x 28′)
Thickness 140mm (5’5″)
Weight Less than 50Kg (110LBS)
Printing area A3+ 297mm x 600mm (12′ x 24′)
Maximum printing speed 55 sec. (720 x 720dpi, 290×210 sheet, Unidirection)
1 min. 40sec. (1440 x 720dpi, 290×210 sheet, Unidirection)
3 min. 25sec. (1440 x 1440dpi, 290×210 sheet, Unidirection)
Ink cartridges (Type) 200ml Ink Pack System
Capacity 200 ml (± 5 ml)
Color UV Ink 6 Colors (Y,M,C,K,W,W,V,SW)
Configuration YMCK, YMCK+W, YMCK+W+V
Ink curing unit UV LED Lamp (23W/sq.m)
Printing resolutions Up to 5760 x 1440
Distance accuracy Error of less than ± 0.3 % of distance traveled, or ± 0.012 in (0.3~0.4 mm), whichever is greater.
Interface USB 2.0
Power supply / Voltage and frequency AC 220 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Required power capacity 6A
Power consumption 100W
Dimensions 625 x 1100 x 700 (mm)
Weight 90Kg(198LBS)
Environment (Power on) 50°F (10°C) – 77°F (25°C) / 40%~60% at RH Non-condensing
Environment (Power off) 50°F (10°C) – 77°F (25°C) / 40%~60% at RH Non-condensing
Included items RIP S/W, Cadlink Digital Factory or White RIP

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