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TEAC‘s P-55C thermal disc printer is the world‘s only dyesublimation disc printer. It produces high quality and photo realistic CD/DVD/BluRay prints directly onto discs or plastic cards. TEAC has redefined the industry standard with its thermal disc printer.

The P-55C disc printer has been optimized to produce vibrant colors with increased clarity and sharpness of each image produced. The resolution is the highest dye-sublimation disc printing resolution in the industry today.

TEAC‘s P-55C disc printer‘s technology ushers in a new era of high quality CD/DVD/BluRay printing, producing professional photo-quality disc prints that are truly unmatched. TEAC‘s P-55C disc printer blows away traditional screen printing and replaces it with unsurpassed quality never before seen on a disc printer.

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  • world´s only dye sublimation disc printer
  • easy-to-use
  • disc printing in photorealistic quality
  • supports 12 cm and 8 cm CDs, DVDs und 12 cm BluRay Discs

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model: TEAC P-55 Printing
method: thermal Dye-sublimation printing
ribbon capacity: 500 images/ribbion (full color)
printing resolution: 400 dpi
dimensions: 302 x 242 x 390 mm

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