Discprinter X3

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DS600_X6_OEMThe Discprinter X3 is an innovative and extensive production system whichcombines the best concepts and design ideas of known disc publishing systems and duplicators. The 300 discs capacity and the possibility of  an output of three different media types at once stands for highest flexibility. To further customize the Discprinter X3 to your needs you can choose between two printer types, the high-resolution Thermo-Re-Transfer or the priceworthy onecolor Preprint Media Overprinting (ImageAligner) printing method. The Universal API´s from Microtech enable the Discprinter X3 to be customized to for every solution.

The Discprinter X3 is designed for maximum Output in the shortest time. The ImageMaker Suite from Microtech comes along with the Hardware and the popular MyDisc, DiscPrint and Media-Remote programs are pre-installed on the integrated Windows 7 OS PC.

The easy integration, the small footprint and the high cost efficiency allow access to digityl production without tradeoff and a good transition for customers who look for a competitive option instead of the costly, preconfigured solutions on the market.

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  • 300 Discs capacity – either 300 Discs of the same type or mixed type CD/DVD or BluRay media can be processed
  • easy to use through removable spindle
  • 3 color status LED for easy status recognition
  • reliable, robust picking mechanism for permanent processing of high production volumes
  • three recorders for redundant and fast work
  • you can choose between two printing technologies (Black Thermal, Color Thermal-Retransfer)
  • integrated windows 7 PC for highest compatibility
  • all Software needed pre-installed
  • easy intergation with the API´s from Microtech (folder based or XML)
  • robust case to protect blank media and movable parts
  • optional external 20 disc direct-output tray

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CD/DVD Combo and/or Blu-Ray recorder 3
media capacity 300 Discs ( fully-automatic )
integrated PC Windows 7 Pro OS
network 100/1000 Base-T Ethernet
dimensions 356mm x 621mm x 990mm
power source 2A @ 220 Volts 4A @ 120 Volts
disc printer Monochrome Thermal or Color Thermal-Retransfer
Software ImageMaker, DiscPrint, MyDisc

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