Discsprinter AP-150T

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The Discsprinter AP-150T automated desktop duplicator/disc publishing system is available with 2 CD/DVD or Blu-ray recording drives, and 150 disc capacity. Featuring TrueNet LX, the world’s leading Web Browser Based disc publishing software,The AP-150 is a truly platform-independent publishing solution, and comes without the need to maintain an embedded Windows, Linux or Mac OS server. The system is cont­rolled by the java-enabled web browser and therefore, no client server or printer drivers are needed to be installed. The Discprinter AP-150T support CD- and DVD-copies by default an can be equipped with Blu-Ray recorders.Of course the parallel processing of two different jobs (e.g.parallel  CD and DVD copy) is possible. To complete the result with a brilliant label printing, the Discprinter AP-150T conatins the highest quality Thermo-Re-Transfer printer TEAC P-55C, which prints high resolution pictures in photorealistic quality directly onto the media.

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Hardware Features
  • Burn and Print Discs On-Demand.
  • Complete Hardware and Software Integration.
  • 2 CD/DVD Recorders, Blu-Ray Upgrade Available.
  • World‘s only Dye-Sublimation Disc Printer Photo Quality
  • Runs Mixed Media, CD and DVD Simultaneously.
  • Stand-Alone Operation via LCD Touchpad.
  • Built-in Internal Hard Drive to Store Images.
  • Small Footprint – Fits Most Desktops.
Software Features
  • Easy-to-use Web Browser Based Software.
  • Windows, Mac and Linux Compatible.
  • Built-in Label Designer.
  • Drag and Drop Data, DVD Video or Blu-Ray Discs.
  • Duplicate Discs From Any Computer – on Your Local Network.
  • 5 Simultaneous Floating User Licenses Included.
  • Live Status Update on Hopper/Media Levels/Ink Levels.
  • Email Event Notifications (User Selectable).
  • Re-assign Job Priorities,
  • Collated Multi-Discs Sets Support.
  • Software Upgrade For More Users, Functions and API Available.

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interface: Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 BASE-T(RJ45 Connector)
number of recorders: 2
recorder type: CD / DVD or CD / DVD / BD
capacity: 150 Discs (Input / Output)
compatible media size: 12cm only
software: Browser basiert mit API
dimensions 640 x 400 x 440 mm
weight: 39 kg

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